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Looked promising but is a let down

So I emailed the company over a week ago with this issue, but no response. I was hoping they would reply without having to make this public as perhaps my wallet was just a one off with an issue.
So the wallet looks good and I was initially happy. The issue is that the slots where the credit cards go have some sort of glue on the inside of them, most likely to hold the trimmed leather down. When you remove your credit or debit cards, the fronts are covered in this glue and then the glue gets on your hands and so on.

No one replied to me as I said, which is disappointing.
The other issues are that the wallet does not sit properly in half, so the wallet is effectively made bigger (wider) when trying to fit it into your pockets. I believe this has happened due to the insert that holds your warrant card opposite the badge. This sticks out too much into the interior fold of the wallet.
Although this may not seem like an issue, with the square corners of the wallet in combination with this widening of the wallet, it is cumbersome and difficult to put into cargo pockets, or any pockets with zippers. Rounded corners would make this wallet easier to put into some pockets.
Again the wallet looks great, just some really annoying quality control issues.

Great product and great service

I am extremely happy with my purchase and will be purchasing in the future again.

Great product love ❤️

Great product love the quality.


good notebook cover with custom writing

Perfect exactly what I asked for and need.

Badge wallet

Very happy with my wallet, highly recommended!

One slick tumbler

Was very pleased with the tumbler. Laser etching was top notch. One slick tumbler!

Superb Quality and outstanding craftmanship

Its truly a remarkable piece of wallet and will last you a lifetime, the quality is amazing and surely can be oass on through generations

Scraped Design

Hello, I had sent an email with a picture concerning your engraving machine error, the CBSA logo is missing 1/3 of the detail. Your customer service confirmed I would receive a replacement but it's been over a month and no answer.

Nice work ! 5/5

Ontario Corrections Badge Wallet
Badge wallet

Good quality, but it is little bulky.

Custom Logo Notebook Cover

Purchased as a gift for my husband, he was shocked abd completed gobsmacked when he opened it. It was a great gift, well designed, personalized and very much a quality product! I loved it too! Will be purchasing more items in the future!

Just wish that the memo book note band was included with the purchase. Overall highly recommend! I truly am thankful to have seen the smile on his face when he opened the gift.

Excellent service

Fantastic. Excellent service. Fast and high quality. It looks perfect and very professional.

Custom badge

Badge was exactly what I ordered. Excellent quality. Thanks again.

Received little late but very satisfied

Took a bit longer to receive than expected but the wallet is just perfect very satisfied

Thank you Leduc! Stay safe :)

Absolutely loooove!!

Such a great wallet! Really happy with the purchase and quality! Thanks again :))

Great Wallet

A quality made wallet that has access to ID and credit cards you don’t mind people seeing, and nicely conceals badge and ID.

Ok product but needs work

Stitches started to rip almost after the first day of use. I probably have to take it to a tailor and get it fixed. Other than that, it does the job and holds the notebook and it looks cool.


Will deliver to AUS, make sure you order through the Canadian website.

Custom Badge Wallet (Logo & Cutout)

Fantastic Job

new Badge wallet was just as expected. laser engraving and detail was amazing. really nice having an all in one wallet instead of carrying two.

Delivery too long

I paid for an expedited delivery and it wasn’t worth paying the extra delivery fee for how long it took.
I sent an email about it and it was ignored!

Over all nice .... But

Received my wallet 2 weeks ago. Just noticed this morning that some of the leather trim is separating from the leather portion of the credit card slots. The glue that holds the two pieces together sticks to the cards making them almost impossible to get out.