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Great wallet and the badge sits nice and tight inside it

Great wallet

This wallet is great, good quality and perfect for the badge.

Very Pleased!

Excellent quality. Great material. Badge and cards fit perfectly. No complaints. The plastic insert for pictures was nice but not needed.

Perfect wallet

Great quality wallet. Perfect size.
Fast service on personalized emblem

Really nice! The free engraving made them extra special.

Great product

Very handy for keeping your place in your notebook. It’s made writing my notes a lot easier. Would recommend to anyone in some type of law enforcement that require notes.

Excellent quality...

Excellent quality! The only thing is I had to shave off a bit of the notebook cover for it to slide in. Otherwise fantastic!

AHS Peace Officer Notebook Cover

RCMP Badge Wallet
Jeffrey Raffle
Good quality

I got the wallet quickly and find it to be as advertised. It’s is good quality and the layout is nice. I do wish the badge section had a snap so it isn’t flopping open when I whip out my wallet.

Tumblr quality

I wish I had an issue, but the items I purchased are really good quality, especially the insignia will not fade or rub. Thank you!

Very nice!

Good Quality and nicely done.

Very nice wallet

Well made and very nice....a bit on the big/bulky side but it is a badge wallet so it is expected....the badge itself fit perfectly

Great wallet

Great wallet, good quality leather, badge fits very close to perfect. New badges are given with a 2 way sticker in the back, no more buttons, would be a nice addition if this wallet came with a new piece of 2 way tape. Would reccomend to anyone looking for an upgrade to their issued badge wallet.

Hi Bourgeois, thanks for your review! Although we don’t have two way tape I was thinking our Velcro option may be a good idea for colleagues! The Velcro option now comes with Velcro Loop built into the wallet. Other agencies have purchased double sided adhesive Velcro (or can be bought from Home Depot etc) and will stick it to their badge so they can attach it to their wallet and remove it any time without the need for more double sided tape. Please reach out and we can send you some double sided Velcro if you want! :)

not impressed

My badge is very loose in the wallet, to the point it has fallen out twice. My previous wallet was much more secure and tight.

Not overly impressed.

The badge is extremely loose in the wallet, to the point it has slipped out twice when dropped. My old wallet was much tighter and more secure.

Exccellent quality

The embossing of my badge and text has not faded after well over a year. Nor has the leather stretched. I'm impressed!

Sheriff badge wallet

Excellent that you have it as well delivery was perfect. 5 star!

Badge holder arrived within days of ordering it and fits perfectly.
Thank you for the handwritten note!

The memobook was hard to slide into the cover.

Custom Logo Notebook Cover
Colinda Anderson

I ordered a custom book and wanted allied universal written on it, and got a book that says Markham law enforcement:(

Hi Colinda! We’d like to learn more about the product you received and fix that for you! Please contact us at

Awesome! Fits my Badge Perfectly and is super high quality!

Awesome Badge Wallet, leather and quality is great, have been using it for years. Still holds up to daily use like nothing. Engraving of crest and Reg is a nice touch, looks really professional and subtle. Badge fits perfectly in wallet cut. A++++

Needs inner pockets

The notebook cover is fine, the artwork is nice, but I wish there was a pocket cut in to both the inside flaps for fitting business cards/caution cards in etc. I'll be sticking with my old notebook cover and not switching over to this new one since I don't have the room to store everything I am used to carrying in my notebook. My fault for not noticing that when I purchased it.

RCMP Badge Wallet
Joelle Hillier
Great product

Highly recommend this wallet! I got it for my husband and he loves it !! The badge fits perfectly and is secure in the wallet! Also the personalization on it is awesome and great quality!

corrections notebook

bought this for my son and he uses it every day. Great durable product