Custom Products


Want your Agency Logo custom engraved?

No problem! Our experienced design team will convert your logo into a high detail engraving on our available products!
What we need:
  • High quality logo file (at least 1500x1500 px)
  • Preferred file format: .Ai, .Svg, .Eps, .Pdf
  • Other accepted files: .Png, .Jpeg, .Bmp
  • Order custom logo product of your choice
  • Send logo to our email with your Order number.
  • Design team converts logo to acceptable engrave quality
  • Sent to Laser team for production!
  • Your custom product is then shipped!
What if I don't have a high-quality version of our logo?
If your file type is the too low resolution for our team to convert we will contact you and advise we will have to redraw/ vectorized the entire logo manually. There is a $15.00 redraw fee for and will add few extra days to production but wow does it look good!